Teen chat about sex - Grad student dating a professor

Or after a four year wait and love now just around the corner, the prof finds out that the student has re-enrolled for another degree program. Making a practice of initiating sexual relationships with former students, however, would also be problematic.It could be understandable that a faculty member “falls in love” with a student once.

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OK, now VIU has dropped the love thing and deals with not initiating a sexual relationship.

Wait to the institutional relationship has ended they state.

The revelation is that the VIU administrators are the decision-makers, not the professors and certainly not the students.

In the VIU world view, the administrators are the adults who make decisions as to what is best for their children- their profs and their students.

Are they not aware that students, and more specifically female students are quite capable of initiating and do initiate?

And finally in their last sentence it becomes quite revealing of who are these VIU people- “In those circumstances, a decision-maker would question whether the faculty member was exploiting their professional role to enhance their personal and social life”.

This is authoritarianism and arrogance at its worse.

Or to put it in still other terms, VIU administrators are the VIPS who must control the behavior of the peasantry.

So after the four year wait and now the student is a former student, the prof in VIU terms is still not on safe ground as to dating students since VIU finds dating former students to be “problematic”.

Given VIU standards, it is acceptable for them to “fall in love” with a student once, but not more than once.

So confessions or professions of love to the student are simply out of line.


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