Hack for dating site

Basically, any reasonably attractive woman who posts a personals ad in Craigslist W4M section is virtually guaranteed to receive 50-100 messages of guys sending selfies of their penises.

Hence the name, “Craigslist Penis Effect,” and a sad look into how horrible men are doing with online dating.

It doesn’t come across as genuine interest; it comes across as desperation.

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Hack for dating site

Since 80-90% of guys are doing online and app dating wrong, it unleashes a HUGE opportunity for a guy with a brain who KNOWS what he’s doing.

You can literally have your pick of an unlimited pool of gorgeous, attractive, and intelligent women.

I used to be a fan of “fun-dates” for years: comedy shows, hiking, beach, rock climbing, etc. It doesn’t really have any undertones to it: friends meet for lunch, and at this point you’re really just meeting up and making friends to see how the two of you click. If it goes well, you can always do something else after.

You don’t want the first meet-up to seem so casual that it’s artificial; you want to reward her for the efforts she has invested in you up until this point.

You open up the window to having a real, genuine conversation and inviting her to share what is unique and interesting about her.

You also assess whether she’s someone that you TRULY want to talk with and possibly get to know based on something other than her LOOKS and the fact that she’s a woman.

If you’re a well-rounded, interesting guy who takes care of himself, then there is no need for you to settle.

Ramit Sethi describes how most men do things wrong in a phenomenon he calls The Craigslist Penis Effect.

Often I’ll use that one line alone and it usually opens them up for a fun conversation. ” OR, you can simply say “Wow you look like a troublemaker, are you friendly?


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  3. We have tons of older women looking for younger men and you better believe that they give you twice the raw hot sex action and NONE of the drama, mind games, and BS you'd get from younger women.

  4. So you want to unwind after a long day full of stresses? It’s just like the real sex but better: You always get what you want.

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