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Use a codicil to revoke part of your will or add a new provision.

To be valid, they must be dated, signed, and witnessed just like a legal will.

Codicils were an efficient way of changing a will before there were computers and printing was a hassle.

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If you do not keep your last will and testament updated, it may not reflect your wishes given your new circumstances.

The following are good situations in which changing a will may be wise.

Rightclick on a web gallery icon and select “Open Page”.

To rename a web gallery, navigate to it in the Navigation pane, ensure that you have clicked on ' Sites' at the bottom of the Navigation pane to be in the correct mode. The name field becomes active and you can type in the new name.

Contact an estate planning attorney to help with changing your will, or to draft your first will if you don't have one yet.

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