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If, however, the person’s driver’s license is suspended, revoked, or canceled, the law forbids operating any motor vehicle anywhere in the state, including on private property.

Minnesota law makes it a misdemeanor to drive after suspension, revocation, or cancellation.

Driving after cancellation may be a gross misdemeanor (up to one-year in jail and ,000 fine) if the driver’s license was canceled for being “inimical [i.e.

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It is important to transfer the Certificate of Title immediately upon sale or purchase of a car, for many reasons.

If you purchase your car with a loan, the bank will have what is called a security interest in your car.

Such an interest makes the car collateral for the loan.

If you default on the loan, the bank may repossess and resell the car, and sue for any amount of the unpaid loan it does not collect in the resale.

Minnesota law prohibits a person from driving “any motor vehicle upon any street or highway” unless the person has a valid permit or license for the class of vehicle being driven.

The law defines “motor vehicle” to include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, snow- mobiles, and other “self-propelled” land vehicles.The law also requires drivers of “motorized bicycles” and motorcycles to wear protective headgear (a helmet) until the age of 18.All motorcycle operators, regardless of age, must wear protective eye devices.Furthermore, if you are involved in an accident and do not have insurance, you might be required to pay any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the other driver.In addition, a conviction results in a mandatory revocation of driver’s license.Minnesota law requires all occupants to wear a properly fastened and adjusted seat and shoulder belt.


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