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It was a bit chilly but we brought a number of blankets, my smaller tent and our horniness to keep us warm. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,715 | Tags: "camping" cheating mature oral sex outdoor true | 1 Comment Teasing my wife after seeing men check her out One thing I love about my wife is her desire to be mine. I especially love watching her get checked out by other guys and knowing she’s mine.Sometimes I let my imagination get the best of me and I picture her with someone else but she puts the worry to rest the minute we kiss.I met her because she was a friend of Michelle Hanley, one of my girlfriends at the time.

Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders.

All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary. Alice was still up, paintbrush in one hand, wine glass in the other. The canvas she’d been working on was a swirl of white colours, far too delicate to be so arresting.

Kelly had a fantasy of pitching a tent and screwing the day away, literally.

We made our plans for a Sunday afternoon in late January.

Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.78 | Words: 1,239 | Tags: spanking teasing rough love story | 6 Comments Sandra and I hook up in a motel I parked my truck across the street from the motel. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 760 | Tags: fucking | 2 Comments Dirty words make Anya and Max all hot and bothered after hours at the daycare center “You’re a fuck head! ” A tornado of aggressive profanities instantly sucked the attention of everyone in the area. She’d always loved being out on the water, the feeling of being liberated from any worries on land, letting time and cares drift away. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,914 | Tags: straight outside oral couple | 5 Comments Kristin takes control of Scott and Layla.

On the off-chance I was in for some bad luck, I didn’t want anybody to see my truck outside one of their rooms. All eyes and ears were instantly yanked in the direction of where the volley of vulgarities were suddenly being launched in the yard. After our trip in the mountains, Layla and I headed home. I looked at her as she gazed out the window and recalled that morning in bed... Her long blonde hair was a mess after our night of pleasure. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 0 | Words: 2,311 | Tags: blackmail love straight sex reluctance | 1 Comment Let me give you what you deserve. You are naked and come to the bed and lay down on your back, with your head nestled between my legs. Eighteen months, Eighteen long months since I last had a cock inside me.Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4 | Words: 2,951 | Tags: car sex blowjob spanking role play students 1970s new york Intense or In Tents Kelly and I stole away for an afternoon of fun.Like teenagers left to our own devices, we went “camping”.Things began with us having sex when we were teenagers and we reconnected at our twentieth.Since then we’d been sharing pics and having phone sex. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 7,608 | Tags: swimming pool public motorcycle topless piercings glory-hole adult theater The car: a 1971 Dodge.Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 7,073 | Tags: summer straight sex blowjob lust art fucking older guy | 18 Comments Instead we went to Florida for a weekend fuck-fest with Lori and Don. Kelly and I had decided to accept an offer from Lori and Don to visit them in Florida.

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