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Plus, you miss your solid Friday night routine of pizza, beer, and Neighborhood: Downtown Miami You're at brunch with your girls at Seaspice, when Rick and company casually pull up on a yacht.

You think, "#NBD, it's Miami and who DOESN'T have a yacht?!

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Search Single Dads in Florida | Search Single Moms in Florida I am an outgoing friendly person who never meets a stranger.

I am independent, honest, and am looking for someone to spend some time with.

Once he announces plans to move to Hialeah, it’s all over. But then again, you’re there, so you try not to judge her for it.

She’s way too old for that romper she bought at Forever 21...

Love to camp at,certain time of the year, cooking...

When you’re in Miami and single, dating is irrefutably a one-of-a-kind shitshow, complete with lifelong bachelors, grown women in comically large hoop earrings, foreign transplants, 30-somethings who live at home, cougars, and A LOT of funny stories. You smile and tell her it’s OK when she bats her eyes, giggles, and says, “Ohmaigosh. ” The flirtatious looks continue throughout the night, and after a Bacardi & Coke, you get the urge to invite her and her hot friends to join you and your friends.

You tell her all about your job using big words because you feel like you’re dating your teacher, and she tells you all about her divorce, her kids, and how this is a “new phase of her life.” By her third martini, you think she’s both suffering a mid-life crisis and intriguing, so you pay the bill and know that, against all better judgment, you’ll be texting her again.

Your inevitable breakup: It’s four weeks in, and she blows up at you for turning down Friday night Boggle plans to go out for your friend’s birthday.

He tells you he’s dropped out of MDC because the traffic from Kendall sucked, but it's OK, because he "knows a guy" and is going to be a cop soon.

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