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These temporary orders can also provide the petitioner temporary custody and exclusive control of shared housing.

After the temporary hearing, a full hearing will be set, since the temporary order lasts a maximum of 15 days. Specifically, these prohibit the defendant from directly and indirectly contacting the victim.

This means the defendant cannot personally call, text, email, instant message, gesture towards, touch, or even intentionally be near the victim.

No contact orders have long been used to protect victims of domestic violence and prevent the abuser from intimidating the victim.

The new law’s clarifications use broad language to accommodate all forms of communication and firmly establish that no contact orders are in effect immediately upon the judge’s order. A no contact order is similar to a restraining order.

The objective is to require him or her to avoid your home, your vehicle, your place of business, and different spots the court discovers significant.

Additionally, directives can arrange the other individual not to get in touch with you by telephone, in composing, by email, or face to face.

An Injunction for Protection is an Order of the Court that is meant to protect a person who needs it.

Very often, the Court will enter a temporary injunction for Protection at the time the Injunction is filed for, and a court date will be set for a final hearing.

If a restraining order or DVI has been entered against you, there are legal procedures in place to protect your rights.

The experienced and compassionate attorneys at All Family Law Group, P.

A., in Tampa will provide experienced legal help in any domestic violence-related legal matter.


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