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There still has not been a second I've been doubting that she is the only one for me in this world. Now I realize that my search and anxious waiting for “that special one” wasn’t in vain! Thank you for your help, it was a pleasure to know you! Let your kindness which you create - return to your happiness, harmony, and health!

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In my search, I had come across various more or less serious dating sites.

Some promised that I would find great love, while others were just websites where you could write a small text about yourself and upload a picture of yourself to their database.

You can say that I was able to fall in love with him and this my feeling is mutual :)) I get used to a new life in a quiet way ... Wake up and fall asleep in arms of my beloved one... Girls, most importantly, I want to tell you many thanks !!!! For the opportunity to make my life full and saturated! Giovani should to do a lot and learn together, but most importantly we were able to find each other. It was very comfortable and pleasant to work with you (I will recommend Your Agency to their friends). Over 5 years of work of our Agency more than once heard the question: "Are you married? Sometimes the impression that this is the only indicator of the success of the Agency and many were only waiting for the day when I ..the full review Ekaterina (Moscow, 31) and Oleg (Omsk, 36) My dear, amazing, precious fairy girls! I wanted so much to tell you this news first, I am sure you will be sincerely happy for us! My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow.

The most important thing now this is my beloved man !!! After all, I have not been married for 20 years ... A girl from the snow-covered Siberia and the southern hot temperamental Italian! Today Oleg proposed to me and we decided to marry!!!! After two months’ chatting and one meeting on May holidays we spent a holiday together in June, now we are thinking about how and where to organize our life together.

I promised myself that you’ll be the first to know about the marriage proposal. I and Mario wish your agency more happy couples and prosperity!! I don’t think that I would be able to meet her without your help.

He didn’t believe me for a long time until Maria and I had invited him to have lunch)) He’s a good guy, I know him for a long time. Best regards, Dario Olga (30 years old, Russia) and Mario (34 years old, Italy) Hello, my dear girls!

My level of English was not so good, that is why I had a lot of concerns and worries, but Elena and Marina did not allow me to lose heart. Finally, I found a man, with whom I feel absolutely happy! Thank you again for your work, for your coaching, faith in love and admonish people in that!

Peter (Denmark, 38 years old) and Elina (Russia, 34 years old) It all started a few years ago after I had visited various dating sites on the internet to find great love.

Therefore, it can’t be said more clearly - Happy Life knows what they are doing! Thanks for being there, thank you for helping people find each other, thank you for your advice and such a gentle, thoughtful attitude! With Alexey, I understood what true happiness for a woman is! However, today Olga and I had some fantastic news !!!

READ original testimonial in Danish Giovani (Italy, 54 years old) and Lana (Omsk-Moscow, 49 years old) I am writing to you from sunny Sicily :)) Giovani and I live in a small town near Syracuse city. Moscow Australian Embassy opened her Bride Visa !!!!!

Your work is priceless, you give others the most important thing – the feeling of happiness! The ceremony was very nice without a lot of people.


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  6. It all depends on if your heart is ready to move on from a past relationship and begin a new relationship.

  7. Dan is Gehandicaptendating.nl, of wellicht iets voor jou.

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