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Happy Life helped me right from the first contact and further with all my questions. Thanks to the agency, it was such a pleasure for me to feel the manly spirit, to walk around charming places, to feel his care, to talk about this and that and imagine he’s my husband :)))) Dear girls! How my life changed dramatically thanks to your sincere support and truly willing to help! I take it back about me knowing for sure how to treat a man and not needing others’ advice. Alexander promised to come to Omsk after holidays, but we aren’t certain about the yet since he didn’t know when he can get free. ))) Oleg is a wonderful person, he gave me 3 beautiful days in such beauty! He is already waiting for me and my daughter on New Year's in St.

They helped right from the first step, they helped me to choose some good profile pictures of myself, afterward to formulate the first letter, and then with visits, visas and other questions, I've had along the way. I honestly believed that a good university degree, life experience and my favorite books on psychology made me know everything. It is great that you didn’t give up and kept telling me the ugly truth. But we brought our meeting into the discussion a few times, and I think it will eventually happen. Petersburg) Even if it does not work out, I'm grateful to you for our match!

Some promised that I would find great love, while others were just websites where you could write a small text about yourself and upload a picture of yourself to their database.

These dating websites became bland very fast as there were no serious profiles on those websites.

Over 35 million members are already on qeep and more than 15,000 new members join every day. Play Match, like and get matched to members who like you.

For the beginning, I never believed in an international marriage.

She is a real Russian princess and I am happy that she will become my wife soon. So, we are in Paris right now and a few hours ago I got the marriage proposal by Mario in the most romantic place – near the Eiffel Tower! You know, I love this city, there is something special in it. He is a real romantic and I saw something like it only in beautiful movies with a happy end. I guess, I still can’t understand that my dream has finally come true and I’ll be a wife soon. Olga and Mario Dario (47 years old, Spain) and Maria (41 years old, Belarus) Dear Elena and Marina, I want to say a big thank to you for your impeccable work! She’s a real Russian princess and I’m very happy that she’ll become my wife soon.

I promised myself that you’ll be the first to know about the marriage proposal. I and Mario wish your agency more happy couples and prosperity!! I don’t think that I would be able to meet her without your help.However, I went on some romantic dates, but without the very big chemistry between us, since many of the profiles almost seemed like a lifestyle of being single and in their free time being invited on different romantic dates.After trying various dates, I had become very discouraged, since I really wanted to find a partner who also would like to create a family, if not now, then maybe just in the future.READ original testimonial in Danish Giovani (Italy, 54 years old) and Lana (Omsk-Moscow, 49 years old) I am writing to you from sunny Sicily :)) Giovani and I live in a small town near Syracuse city. Moscow Australian Embassy opened her Bride Visa !!!!!Yes, yes, is the one where Archimedes was born and lived ... I want to thank you, Elena and Marina, for helping us to meet !!!! It took me only 4 days to know exactly what kind of future we would have !!!Soon it will be a year as I'm married to the most wonderful Russian woman, who is giving me all that I've ever wanted. I really feel different now, womanly, light, airy girl, and now also loving and loved! Me and Sasha, we are happy to have met each other thanks to you! Will send you photos from our wedding for sure :) Good evening, Lena!!! And for now, he sent me 101 roses as a holiday gift ))) December!!! Thank you for this journey, that I'm passing along with you and with your support.


  1. Sometimes it feels like his plans are limiting us, and sometimes it's not easy to wait for God's timing.

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  3. We have one or more of these Singles Events most weeks and you are welcome come to as many events as you wish.

  4. The clandestine romances, they add, also make a mockery of efforts targeting illegal immigrants, such as laws being considered by Congress that would mandate fences along sections of the border and fine employers who hire illegal aliens.

  5. Continue cycling through matches until meeting someone to have an erotic conversation with!

  6. Instant & Private Messaging: You can private message (PM) or "whisper", anyone within the chat.

  7. Among the best-known techniques are radiocarbon dating, potassium–argon dating and uranium–lead dating.

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