Hoboken dating scene

The pretzels are huge, as is the space, so it’s a good go-to for a group gathering of any kind (just be warned, the stroller brigade shows up too). Augustino’s does all of the Italian American classics right, from Sunday sauce to linguine and clams to calamari to veal parm.

And whatever you do, don't miss out on the opportunity for its killer ice box cake.

Hoboken’s most notable chef, Marciel Presilla, has developed a mini-empire in town with her straightforward South American cooking.

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And it’s exactly what you’d expect Atlantic City Style food would be: definitely ridiculous, definitely not good for you, and definitely satisfying.

The menu is made up of an impressive offering of subs, pizza, wings, and fries - and though we’d definitely recommend it for after 11 too many beers, this isn’t just drunk food.

The food is simple and satisfying, the portions are generous, and not only is it BYOB, but they’ll take your alcohol and turn it into sangrias, mimosas, or margaritas. This tiny specialty market/take-out joint (the third notch in the Presilla belt) has had us looking at Third Street real estate on numerous occasions.

It’s stocked with all kinds of Spanish treats, but what you’re really here for is the delicious Latin food coming out of the cafe.

Our picks are always the roast chicken and empanadas.

Another specialty market/restaurant, Anthony David's is a reliable spot for a slightly upscale, yet still laid-back Italian dinner or BYOB brunch (served all-day, seven days a week).

When you have roots in Jersey, you stay in Jersey, no matter how enticing NYC living might seem.

Enter Hoboken - literally as close as you can get to New York City without actually living there - featuring the brownstone charm of the West Village without the pricetag, subway convenience to the West Side better than any outer borough, and the restaurant scene of Murray Hill.

That last one isn’t a plus, but that’s what we’re here for.

In order to help you avoid the chains and the overrated, weekend warrior-frequented restaurants and bars, we (longtime Jersey residents and friends of The Infatuation) put together a complete list of the mile-square city’s spots that stand up strong against Hoboken's bigger, bolder neighbor to the East.

Hoboken is the land of Italian delis that specialize in sandwiches and housemade mozzarella. This family-owned, old-school joint is also known for its house-made mozzarella, and is your spot in Hoboken for the perfect Italian hero.


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