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Kids who learn at home consistently outperform their schooled peers on standardized tests, including the ACT test (a reliable indicator of future college success), and are welcomed at just about every college and university.Many teens who had difficulty in school do exceptionally well as homeschoolers.

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This means that you will need to help them explore the career or life path they are fitted for and assist in finding curriculum and extracurricular activities that will prepare them for that calling.

This can be a tremendous challenge, but it is also a great way to bond with the adult child who is emerging from your tutelage.

For me, I knew that English and history were fine for me to teach, but I have forgotten the 118 entries on the periodic tables of elements, could not (or would not) dissect a frog if my life depended on it and, because of my medical condition (post-algebraic stress disorder), I weep at the thought of higher math.

So, for science and math subjects, I may choose to invest in classes, tutoring, community college courses, online or DVD classes, or slightly more expensive curriculum options that provide greater support.

By this late date, do you mean late in the school year (spring) or late because she is a teen? If she is having an extremely difficult time, I would take her out tomorrow.

If she is able to finish the remaining month or two without too much difficulty, perhaps she might be better off finishing the school year and closing that door before she opens the next.

In the early days of the modern homeschooling movement, this may have been true.

But as homeschooling has been tested and proven to produce superior academic results, colleges have become more accepting of homeschooled students.

Myth #1: Homeschooling in high school is too difficult for the average parent.

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