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This could only be because she isn’t used to meeting foreign men, it could be because she can’t speak much English, or it could be that she is just a shy girl in general.

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If you sit there stern faced and never laugh or smile she won’t know how to react and will be very uncomfortable around you.

Don’t try any fancy ‘game’ techniques you read about on PUA blogs or message boards.

Ya, in Asia people regularly laugh at their own jokes.

The whole goal here is to make your sexy Chinese date realize you are a safe, non threatening, friendly guy as quick as as possible.

You go through the same routine of questions like ‘where are you from? ’ Just general stuff like that to get her warmed up to you.

Throw in some jokes, even corny jokes that you couldn’t get away with in the western world, and smile or laugh after you say them.That will go right over their head and will do more harm than good. That is what is so great about dating here, all you have to do is be nice.Try to have the date as close to your condo as possible.After mentioning all of the cities we will also talk about the best online dating site in China.It is always a numbers game after all, and there is no better way to rack up a lot of numbers then online dating.It should be pointed out that going off the beaten path is never a bad idea either, we just don’t happen to know much about smaller cities and aren’t going to randomly pick a spot on the map and say go there.


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