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Again, an authenticated cable subscription is required. The International Olympic Committee is reportedly tracking use of these hashtags to help assess how widely-supported are the equestrian sports to decide if they should remain part of future Olympic Games — your sport needs you!

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The equestrian sport of Eventing was first introduced at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912 under the name “The Militaire.” THE TESTS OF this newly organized equestrian competition were patterned after the training and testing of military chargers —precision, elegance, and obedience on the parade ground; stamina, versatility and courage on marches and in battle; cross-country jumping ability and endurance in traveling great distances over difficult terrain and formidable obstacles in the relaying of important dispatches; and jumping ability in the arena to prove the horse’s fitness to remain in service.

Spread over consecutive days, it was a complete test for the Army horse, and in fact only Army officers on active duty were allowed to compete in the first Olympic Three-Day Event, and they had to be mounted on military chargers.

In Paris there was an additional Phase E on the second day, a 1 1/4 mile run-in on the flat after the Cross-Country, but this phase was removed by the next Olympics. As of 1924, the Three-Day Event was open to civilians, but noncommissioned Army officers were not allowed to take part in Olympic competition until 1956, and women riders not until 1964.

Because the competition took place over three days, the English coined the descriptive term “Three-Day Event,” and the sport of Eventing became firmly entrenched in the equestrian activities of Great Britain.

You will need an authenticated cable subscription log-in to access the live stream. The Nation Media family of sites will be bringing you plenty of up-to-date coverage of the Olympic games, so keep it locked on Eventing Nation, Jumper Nation and Horse Nation for live updates, in-person reporting and of course plenty of good old-fashioned equestrian fun.

The live stream can also be accessed on mobile via the NBC Olympics app and a free channel available for Roku. If you’re posting on social media about the equestrian events at the Olympics, don’t forget to use the hashtags #Two Hearts and #Jointhe Journey to show your support of ALL equestrian athletes all over the world in all disciplines!

At the Athens Games four years ago, Germany was forced to hand back its team gold after failing to register medication given to one of the horses.

Olympic officials say the low number of positive doping cases in Beijing means prevention efforts were effective.

If the B sample confirms the failed dope test then Hansen's team drop off the medal podium and will be replaced by Switzerland.

Gold in the event Monday went to the United States while Canada took silver.

Dressage, which tests the gaits, suppleness and obedience of the horse through a series of prescribed movements.


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