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Laura feels responsible but tries to forget about it, until Marina uploads a video showing her burning a sketch of Laura before committing suicide by hanging herself.Later on, it is somehow posted on Laura's own page and she is unable to remove it or delete her account.

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However, before he can kill her, Kobe is violently attacked and killed by the swarm of wasps.

Dazed, Laura sees an apparition of two men (presumably the boys that bullied Marina in the orphanage).

Discovered by Isabelle, she is sent to hospital and refuses to see Laura, blaming her for Gustavo's death.

A video of the elevator attack is posted on Laura's page and once again, she is unable to delete it.

A message appears on screen that reads: "You will know how it feels to be lonely :)". Determined to know more about who Marina was, Kobe helps her break into her dorm room and they find an old class photograph from an orphanage.

Laura visits the orphanage and discovers Marina's real last name is Nedifar, and she was bullied and tormented by two boys when she was younger.Noticing that she has no online friends, Laura accepts and the two begin hanging out, but Laura is soon uncomfortable with her obsessive behaviour and sees that her Facebook page is full of dark and disturbing posts.Marina wants to attend Laura's birthday dinner but Laura lies and tells her only she and Tyler are going out.In the night, Marina possesses Olivia through the heart monitor and lunges at Detective Cameron's officer, taking his gun from him. Meanwhile, Laura finds the place where Marina committed suicide in order to destroy the black mirror that turned Marina into an evil spirit. Kobe is separated from Laura, who finds him staring into a black mirror.He apologises and tells her she can't be lonely if she dies, then stabs her in the stomach, hoping to kill her and save himself. She later realises, by looking at the video of Marina's suicide, that she died in a nearby factory.She is also close friends with Kobe (Connor Paolo) and is dating Tyler (William Moseley).


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