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there isn't a way in classic to track a lot of the things we track on retail--there's no wardrobe and no transmog, so no appearance collection, and i think there are similar issues with things like mounts or pets or toys (to whatever extent they existed in classic).currently, to my knowledge, ATT Classic is basically a way to target quest completion (and maybe flight paths? i believe crieve has planned to do essentially an 'upgrade' collection system since there are clear outlines around Bi S gear, where there will essentially be a list of gear upgrades to collect, and collecting a better piece of gear for whatever slot would 'collect' that any gear for that slot that was worse for your character.They do a great job just once in a blue moon have a major bug.

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If u know anything about coding unless they are redoing the code to make it more light weight or better a feature added in the past shouldnt just break.

Was hoping they might scan it before releasing it to make sure they dont break that issue considering thats the only aspect I use of it.

I will install the old 1 and screen shot it for you. image=017363413_Wo WScrn Shot_082819_140705_122_441lo.jpg][IMG] WScrn Shot_082819_140705_122_441lo.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL= image=701736598_Wo WScrn Shot_082819_140731_122_443lo.jpg][IMG] WScrn Shot_082819_140731_122_443lo.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL= image=701736762_Wo WScrn Shot_082819_141036_122_73lo.jpg][IMG] WScrn Shot_082819_141036_122_73lo.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL= image=017370472_Wo WScrn Shot_082819_141125_122_218lo.jpg][IMG] WScrn Shot_082819_141125_122_218lo.jpg[/IMG][/URL] edit #2 hopefully this works In reply to slumbersome: next to the name of the item is a collected in green or uncollected in orange I assumed this is part of this addon it showed up after I installed it a long time ago when i saw it on wow head and every now then it stops and minilist stop working In reply to sabre1978: you didn't download the classic version (release 0.0.7, for patch 1.13.2) and put it in the retail folder, did you?

make sure the version you have is the 1.9.8 release for patch 8.2.0.

Do you find yourself completing old content just so that you can get literally everything for your Collections? ALL THE THINGS will help you with your endeavor by giving you the ability to track your completion for everything. Breanni - Allowing us to use notes from Warcraft Pets website. Nightswifty - Added ATT information to a wowhead guide.

Author: Crieve (DFortun81 on Git Hub) Contributors: incumilen aka Daktar, Lucetia, Katardre aka Avella, nmikeh aka Oiche, Goldenshacal aka Gold, erlingnikolai aka Infamous, Aiue, Wolfen12 aka Avezza, slumbersome aka Slumber, Alex SUCF aka Eiltherune, blueyleader, Pr3vention Ami Yuy - Has helped many times with different aspects of the addon. Dead Serious - Winner of our Logo Contest, Primary Artist for all Branding for ATT & Crieve's Twitch channel. We would also like to thank the contributors for the work they do and the users who have submitted suggestions and bugs in discord or on forums we have threads on. If Twitch is automatically downloading the wrong version to your computer, you need to open Twitch and Scan for Installed Games using the gear icon on the Twitch Client.crieve, the addon dev, is the main ATT team member playing classic, so the best place to get classic-specific questions answered is probably to find him streaming and pop in to pester him there (https:// he's always happy to answer questions on stream.The “Waiting on another installation or update” error appears when users are trying to open the launcher for a Blizzard game which is usually run through the desktop app.Finally, even changing DNS settings for your internet connection may affect the launcher negatively, causing you to have to reset them to default settings.Peer-to-peer client and game updates also need to be disabled in certain scenarios in order to solve the problem.If the error simply won’t go away, the problem may be the client’s Update Agent which looks for updates for the client itself.


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