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Then there are the little acts of selfless giving, especially with your Partner.

Being selfless means having *no* agenda other than to serve the other without any thought of what you might gain from it.

It is part of our ancient survival wiring that no longer serves us. Eliminating drama from your relationship is simple, but not necessarily easy.

Yet drama is a highly addictive drug whose siren call beckons us to that netherworld of blissful unconsciousness where we don’t have to take responsibility for how we show up. And the foundation for it is learning to live in the moment.

Help them out, give them a hand and some insight, by all means, but do not get involved in the swirling maelstrom that is the drama of other people. Well, Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evening each ended up being among those rare occasions these days where the drama was pointed squarely at me.

Where it came from, and how I handled it, and how you can do the same, is what I aim to address in this post.

Unfortunately, it is bullshit that is so eagerly gobbled up by the masses. Drama is a powerful way to avoid being in the moment, where uncertainty lives.

And most people tend to avoid uncertainty, even if it means the certainty of their misery.

Here are some easy and simple things you can start doing right now with your partner that will go a long way to eliminate the mountains and valleys of drama within your relationship: Experiencing drama in one’s life is easy and (occasionally) even fun.

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