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Incredibly, twice as much dopamine was released when there was a 50% chance of getting the reward.

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Fortunately, I have found the missing link, and it’s the same driver of addiction that is taking over our lives through cell phones, social media, gambling, and drugs.

When it comes to raw attraction and wanting something, Dopamine driven reward loops are the name of the game — and nothing triggers a rush of those endorphins like unpredictability.

As this went on the amount and timing of dopamine release was measured.

We would expect that levels would rise at the receipt of the reward; however, it was discovered that the signal was what triggered release.

But what is it about this age-old tactic that drives us so wild?

Why is unpredictability, a seemingly counter-intuitive behavior, so damn attractive?

Have you ever met someone who you couldn’t figure out?

Perhaps they left you feeling like a moth to a flame, drawn in like a magnet trying to decode and demystify their behavior.

Yes without enough production you won’t get anything done, and you risk suffering from Parkinson, ADHD, or even Schizophrenia (Schultz 2016).


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