How to propose a girl for dating

When she arrives at the end of the trail, you can either have an engagement ring positioned by itself on a pillow or be down on one knee holding it out to her.

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Whether you've been with a girl for five years or five months, your first date is something special, the moment in which you started the successful relationship you have today.

Come full circle and propose to a girl by re-creating your first date.

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Order a cake and have the baker write "Will You Marry Me? Go to the beach and write your proposal in the sand.

This is a romantic way to propose to a girl because she'll never see it coming and will appreciate the subtle, cute approach.

I cannot emphasize the importance of these rules enough when it comes to striking the right chord with a girl you’ve met on The Social Network. We keep a tab on our friends’ updates but we typically don’t check their “About” and “Liked pages” much. This would help her know her as a person – her tastes, preferences, beliefs and worldview.

The rule of thumb is that you should know every piece of info about her that is available in public domain (The “public domain” bit is important. ;)) Use this info in online conversations with her.

This will show the girl you want to marry that you actually remember the details and that you'll be sure to remember your anniversary, as well.


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