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Think like the user: the user will never see your code and is only interested in his current task (in this case, to create an account).So build you PHP script in a way you are currently understanding because you may have to fix bugs.

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This article leads you through basic concepts and examples about form validation.

For more information beyond this tutorial, see the Constraint validation guide. When you enter data, the web application checks it to see that the data is correct.

When the Button is clicked, the values of the Password and the Confirm Password Text Boxes are fetched and are compared.

Of course, not all browsers support HTML5 (even IE9 not support it yet), but as example Firefox 4 started support it.

HTML5 specification bring us many interesting, and one of useful function is browser-based form validation.

And this is great, it can mean that shortly many of existed members of Firefox will update its browsers and will have HTML5 support. body .example form form fieldset form fieldset legend label label u input,select,textarea textarea form div form div fieldset form div fieldset legend form div label form div.optional label,label.optional form div img form div input.input File form div.submit form div.submit div form div.required fieldset legend,form div.required label,label.required form div select,form div textarea,form div input.input Text,form div input.input Password :valid :-moz-submit-invalid News: CSS3 UI represents us new pseudo-classes (uses in HTML5), as example :invalid, :valid, :required and : optional.

Visit Stack Exchange // Getting all user input $values = $_POST['values']; $error = false; if (!

validate Username($username) && $error === false) if (!

Of course, we always can use Javascript to validate our fields (even j Query libraries), but what if in coming future we even don`t will worry about it at all? Firefox 4 support all these pseudo-classes and add own new pseudo-class :-moz-submit-invalid.


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