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And now she’s at the point of regretting her time on The Vampire Diaries completely.

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So far it is unknown who Damon ends up with (I am hoping Elena!!

I took this photo the other day because it seemed like such a powerful message.

just to tell u now they probably wont in the book they don't because i have read it and i know, but the closest they get to going out in the book is when Elena is very confused and thinks she supposed to be with Damon but nothing happens, sorry! Later in the novel Elena gets into a car accident, dies, and becomes a vampire.

i saw a commercial for season one episode 11 or 12 the on pamering on January 21 of 2010 and Stefan says that they are but i don't know In The Vampire Diaries book series ("The Struggle") by L. In the TVD television series Elena has not been turned into a vampire..

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A reminder that sacred NATIVE land belongs to NATIVE peoples. Thank you to all who worked for and gave their lives for our freedom and for freedom around the world.

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But then all of a sudden the helicopter does this dive bomb directly toward us!

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