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There are as many answers to this question as there are single men. Mind reading A common reason I hear as to why singles in the church do not go on more dates goes something like this: What if the sister/brother thinks I like them? In this time of recession some are hard up and looking for ways to cut back on expendi Whats the Matter with Motives? Motives For Going on a Date There may be many motives for single Christians to go on what we call encouragement dates, but two principles stand out.

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While holding to sound doctrine is important, the ICOC teaches that Jesus is "full of grace and truth" (John ) and that ultimately God decides who will be saved.

They have expanded rapidly around the world with an ambitious plan to have churches in every country, city, town and village.

He and Roger Lamb were fired from the Houston, Texas, Church of Christ.

Kip Mc Keen then found a Church in Boston MA, was asked to come on board and began what has come to be known as the Boston movement.

Youre not like me Do people who are different from you interest you, or intimidate you? One of the best things about being single in the kingdom of God is that we often rub sh Dating that Delights God, Man and Woman!

Knights are Made and Not Born A single woman asked me how she could encourage the brothers so they would want to initiate dates.

Combined with this, the ICC method of discipleship includes strong accountability to other members of the church as a necessary element to be considered a Christian.

According to the ICC, one cannot be a Christian if he is not a true disciple, and being a disciple must precede baptism.

The International Church of Christ (ICC) is a break-off of the Church of Christ denomination.

The ICC is Christian in its basic theology but has some aberrant practices.

But, it deviates from orthodoxy in both its requirement of baptism as a necessary element for salvation and its heavy requirement of discipleship.


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