speed dating london time out - Independant women and dating

Independence helps you establish your own identity, carve your niche, and become self-reliant.

It helps you manage yourself, love yourself, and to a great extent, to be in control of yourself.

That it is associated more with the female population, nowadays, is possibly due to the preconceived notions over the years.

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The points mentioned below will give you some tips you need to know prior to dating an independent woman. Being alone is something she revels in; it is her comfort zone. She is not the kind who will expect you to call or text her every minute; in fact, chances are, she might despise that behavior.

What's more, she is not used to being taken care of.

If something is screwed up, she is going to let you know.

If you are over the line in your behavior, she is going to call you up short. She doesn’t have time for beating around the bush or letting you down easy, because she has things to do. She believes in herself and she doesn’t fall into the trap of a negative self-image. She may not know how to do it, but she will find a way to learn how to do it if that means she can get it done and move on.

Independent women want someone in their life who is just as challenging as they are.

Have a life beside calling or texting the lady 24X7, and she'll get back to you.

She is too busy getting things done and respects herself too much to need others to hold up her fragile ego. The situation just is what it is, and she finds a way out of it.

She doesn’t attention seek to raise her self-esteem. She knows what she wants to do and she has a plan to do it. She isn’t afraid to invest time, money and energy into bettering herself.

Strikingly different from other ladies her age, yet similar in certain ways, an overly independent woman is a fascinating person to be with.


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