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The Palas of Bengal are considered the pioneers of miniature painting in India, but the art form reached its zenith during the Mughal rule.The tradition of miniature paintings was further taken forward by the artists of various Rajasthani schools of painting, including the Kishangarh, Bundi Jaipur, Mewar and Marwar.

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Miniature paintings are made on a very small scale especially for books or albums.

These are executed on materials, such as paper and cloth.

During this period, miniature paintings often portrayed religious themes.

With the rise of the Mughal Empire, miniature paintings started growing on a level unknown before.

The colors used in the paintings are derived from various natural sources like vegetables, indigo, precious stones, gold and silver.

While artists all around the world convey their respective theme through their paintings, the most common theme used in the miniature paintings of India comprises of the Ragas or a pattern of musical notes, and religious and mythological stories.

History of Miniature Paintings Miniature paintings originated in India around 750 A.

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