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Use of this parameter is discouraged as per WP: IMGSIZE. Use the name of the birthplace at the time of birth, e.g.: Saigon (prior to 1976), Ho Chi Minh City (post 1976). Date of baptism: ONLY for use when birth date is not known (e.g., Beethoven). Date of death: (if birth date is known) or Template:death date (if birth date unknown). If exact dates are unknown, consider using Template:death year and age.Place of death: city, administrative region, sovereign state. Use the name of the deathplace at the time of death, e.g.: Saigon (prior to 1976), Ho Chi Minh City (post 1976)Nationality.Use article title (if linking) or ویکی‌پدیا:آدقویماق قایدالاری. For deceased persons still married at time of death, close the date range with death year.

h Card uses HTML classes including: Common name of person (defaults to article name if left blank; provide birth_name (below) if different from name).

If middle initials are specified (or implied) by the lead of the article, and are not specified separately in the birth_name field, include them here. If an image is desired but not available, one may add "yes" to the "needs-photo" section of the : Template: WPBiography on the talkpage.

Many parameters have alternative names, implemented for compatibility with other templates (especially to aid merging). It is usually not relevant to include either parameter for non-graduates, but article talk page consensus may conclude otherwise, as perhaps at بیل گیتس. If approximate (شابلون: Circa) dates are known for either or both, put them in the If person was notable for their height, or if height is relevant.

If used, this should also include the year of the measurement if the person had not reached full adulthood when this stat was published. Use the format Name (married 1950–present) for a current spouse, and Name (married 1970–99) for former spouse(s).

This is the first time I've come across a djvu file with multiple pages used in this way ...

this could be an issue when bots start doing some of the infobox image "corrections" to bare filenames. If no dates of birth and/or death are known for the subject, only a floruit date range, as is common with ancient subjects, this parameter can be used for it.If approximate (circa) dates are known for either or both, put them in the birth_date and death_date parameters.For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.Date-of-birth ("bday") information will only be included in the microformat if , or are used in the infobox. Be cautious about using these if the person is still living, per WP: DOB. Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.تست ائدیلمیش دئیشیکلیکلر بو صفحه‌یه تک بیر دئیشیکیله علاوه ائدیله بیلر.

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