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Indeed, Mensa Match will weed out the non-Einsteins in a bid to pair the smarty-pants of America together, only hooking up users in the lightly trodden land of the 98th percentile.

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Since 2008, this global dating platform has helped brainiacs meet one another using targeted search tools.

In 2013, Founder Lawrence Chernin removed the site’s premium membership plan so that all members can message one another for free on the site.

According to’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr.

Helen Fisher, people want a smart partner because “intelligence is correlated with many benefits, including: higher income; sense of humor; creativity; social skills; coordination; and problem solving. “Money can buy a sexy evening on the town,” she continued.

when you're talking about physical traits and not existential philosophy, I'm not going to get the vibe."For those who aren’t so keen on online dating (or just didn’t do well enough to get on Mensa Match), the site also pinpoints the nation’s smartest singles in a handy—so you know which bars you need to be hitting to pick up high-scoring hotties. You don’t get points for doing that on Mensa’s test, though. But even if you can’t figure out what it is, you can just click the buttons randomly until you get one of the easy ones. Step 3: Await your results, which here means bide your time until impending doom and/or being cast out from your family as a result of your woeful score. Re-evaluate the choices you have made in your life thus far.

Durham, North Carolina took pole position while NYC ranked 11th, and Las Vegas beat out San Francisco by four spots to take 15th place. Thankfully, I have a high-speed Internet connection, so my doom window was but fleeting. Resolve to do more weird picture puzzles in your spare time.

“Common sense is not so common,” Voltaire proclaimed three centuries ago.

And it would seem that Mensa agrees, as it’s teamed up with to develop a sub-race of genius daters.

” The word that best describes Brainiac Dating members is sapiosexual, which means they’re people who think a high IQ is a turn-on.


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