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There are several websites that come up if you search for military penpals. For example, soldiersangels asks for weekly letters and periodic care packages.

There is also a facebook connection for military penpals.

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Well first, you can find a website bit that is not always easy. Woozworld is a virtual world where kids of all ages can play together and just chat. Purple There are quite a number of websites that offer pen pal or dating services in Pakistan.

You can get an app, for instance i usedwords with friends, or try some other app. I'm Selenapurple16 i call woozworld a place wherte u can get "penpals" bcuz u don no where these people live!! However, most of them will require some form of payment at one point or another.

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If you wish to continue contact with these people then I'm sure you could be 'penpals', but don't be thinking hand written letters sent in the mail, it's most likely you'll be emailing one another or messaging through facebook, just…

You've got a few options when it comes to finding a pen pal.

If this doesn't work, you may need to update your browser : Download Firefox | Download Chrome | Download IE On Inter Pals, a pen pal is more than just a friend for letter writing!

People in our community connect with native speaker language partners, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel partners and travel buddies.

" This is not a dating site" impression is that the most contacts appear between people of different sex Maybe it's easier for us men to contact a woman than an other man.


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