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I know this ring is a symbol of Darren’s love and commitment to our union as man and wife, and 18 years later, we’re still going strong. wounds or scars, but the quality person will maintain their quality. A quality partner is like a financial investment that reaps steady compound interest, so I stress I’ve married and lived day in, day out with TWO quality men–Darren and my ex-husband.

Sometimes, when we’ve had an argument or I’m miffed at him about whatever, I look at the ring and it softens my heart. Yes, he spent thousands on it because it was a symbol of his Quality is everything. I would try to walk on hot coals for both of them, if necessary because if my feet became burned, I know that both of them would be there to rub on the soothing cream, as long as it takes.

We know that diamonds are a gem that signify high quality, however thinking people know that a ring of this type is just one-way of expressing quality commitment and love.

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Every time I look at this beautiful ring, I feel warm.

It draws him close to me, no matter how many miles we are apart. I would never wear a ring of any price from a non-quality man or one I didn’t cherish because I would get no joy from it. If we live long enough, we’re ALL going to get older, and many of us will acquire a few physical, emotional, financial, etc.

The only black woman among the team of actresses of all races from the movie Pitch Perfect 2 and she gets to play 'the butch'. You can barely see her as a female, she is the 'male' of the group essentially.

It's all very deliberate and in line with broader representations of black women.

I will give some of these books away to some of the young bw in my area.

provocative essays and penetrating comments as bw, non-black men, and others come together to discuss the currents and nuances in the social scene that have caused the surge in African American women dating and marrying non-African-American men.The many discussions in this book--including the long notes from several white males--will expand views on this topic and life in general.The crucial first step in uplifting black women, in general, is uplifting/expanding their thinking about themselves and their options in all areas of life. When any person does not believe they have other options, s/he will continue to go to the same watering holes, even though the water there may be poisonous.I appreciate it just as much because I cherish him as the quality man he is.Over the last almost 2 decades, I’ve worn this ring a lot–in the shower, even sometimes when I’m doing work around the house or trudging around the farm (since I forget to take it off–lol) and it still looks sparkling new because it’s a ring of .About Youtuber Jamie and Nikki are a young, fun and very in love couple. About Youtuber Today With Tray is all about family - my beautiful wife Keshia, and our two kids (who also happen to have a channel of their own, Famous Tube KIDS).


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  2. “Alanis” is a film that deceives: it’s so naturalistic and authentic in its Buenos Aires streetlife setting, and especially in its terrifically real, truculent performance from star Sofía Gala Castiglione —whose interactions with her obviously real-life infant son lend quasi-documentary interest to scenes of breastfeeding and diaper-changing — that one could almost miss the artistry and care in its construction.

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  6. Add a predominantly Muslim population to the mix, and you’re all set to experience a variety of cultural differences.

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