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What percentage of African Americans marry someone of a different race?

Today, 1 in 6 marriages in the United States are between people of different races or ethnicities. Although there has never been a federal ban against mixed marriages in the United States, the country remains the historical leader in anti-miscegenation legislation.

Between the years 16, the British colonies in the New World that became U. Nazi Germany and apartheid-era South Africa both forbade marriage between certain ethnic and racial groups, for instance, but overall, explicit anti-miscegenation laws have been rare worldwide.

Today 's society is much more accepting of interracial marriage. According to a study conducted by Pew Research, 6.9% of the adult population is biracial.

Just a little more than 25 years ago, 63% of nonblack adults opposed interracial marriage. This is slightly elevated from the estimate provide by the Census Bureau, but the study takes into account the heritage of each adult, not just their self-reported race. Mildred and Richard Loving were the first white man and African American woman to marry despite the law against interracial marriage.

This was not because of any specific law forbidding it — at the time, marrying someone who was not Chinese just wasn't done.

(Definitions of race and ethnicity can be messy, and change over time, so while an outsider may see everyone in China as "Chinese," internally you could deal with the Han ethnic majority but also more than 50 other officially recognized minority groups.) These days, interracial marriages are on the rise in China — in 2012, 53,000 Chinese men and women tied the knot with people who weren't Chinese nationals.This combination makes up 42% of interracial marriages today.Which state has the highest number of interracial newlyweds?Women marry someone of another race approximately 12% of the time.What percentage of nonblack adults oppose a relative marrying a black person today?As a result, they both spent time in jail and were forced from their home state of Virginia, seeking refuge in Washington.


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