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A big black man, but he was the sweetest of personalities.

His demeanor did not fit his overall physique which made him one of the more popular trainers at the gym.

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I was a deeply closeted homosexual who was in complete denial.

Well, maybe not COMPLETE denial, because I had been crossdressing since puberty. Back to when my boyfriend went on to high school, he had some friends where having the most sex was cool.

Through the entrance was a small porn shop where they had all kinds of mediocre… Read more Addison was only 25 years old when she took a job at the largest, most watched television station in her state. In just seven months she received her first promotion and looked to build a great career there.

She was making such good money; she was able to move out of the apartment she was sharing and got her own place.

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Due to my petite frame and looks, I had no problem passing as a woman in public, and had been doing so since puberty. Some were in relationships, but split into orgy and groups.

But the minute I'd go home and masturbate, I'd hate myself and make all sorts of excuses as to why I wasn't a queer. He had some sex with some of the couples as well, and liked it best.

Now tha… Read more My heart was racing as I approached the front entrance. ” The loud doorbell startled me, I guess it’s to let everyone in the back (the theatre) know that someone new just arrived.

I could hear the humming of the old electric sign that towered above me, “XXX ADULT THEATRE” I had heard about this place and was just curious to see what went on in here. The loud and intense moaning I heard coming from the back (from the movie being played) only made my heart beat faster.

Kendrick was a big man, and with a very imposing physique.

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