Intimidating color scheme

When users come upon your blog, the decision to pass or read is, to a large degree, also based on your color scheme, although they may not be conscious of it.

For this reason, your blog should carefully consider the colors to use for attracting traffic and setting your brand.

This is called simultaneous contrast and it becomes most intense when complementary colors are used.

Color scheme, or color harmony, is the art of putting colors together so that they go well together and are visually appealing.

An analogous scheme creates a feeling of consistency.

One color is dominant, the second supports, and a third can be added for accent.

It’s good for highlighting but should not be used excessively as it can be jarring to the senses and straining to the eyes.

Color triads – are three colors on the color wheel that have equal distance between each other, like an equilateral triangle.

It yields a contrast that is less intense than a full complementary scheme and is more harmonious to the eye.

Warm colors – the reds, oranges, and yellows are warm colors.

They are made by mixing a secondary and primary color in equal parts.

They are named using the primary color first and the secondary color second.

While color combination depends solely on the individual’s personal taste or judgment, there are still basic guidelines you can follow to come up with an artistic and tasteful design.


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