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The display is more prominent in some locations than others, but it's almost always there somewhere.

Simply hold up the number of fingers you need, representing the number of "rides" you want.

There is always a price list posted in the window by the cashier.

The following link New 2013 Metro map, Art-Lebedev has a printable version of another Metro map, with the station names in both English and Russian.

This map shows a more anatomically correct view of the Metro, including how the stations actually line up with real "landmarks".

Please take this into account when making your travel plans.

For visitors to Moscow who don't speak or read Russian, the Metro can be intimidating at first, but like many things, once you get past the initial intimidation, it proves to be quite simple.Even if you can't read Russian, having the Russian names on the map, will help you identify with greater certainty, which station you are in, at any point in time.Better still, if you have an i Phone/i Pad or an Android device, install free Yandex.The cashier will also make change, if you don't have exact change.Getting to the Platform - From the KACCA, you should be able to see the entry gates to the Metro.Metro app - you will get a very convenient bilingual metro map which can even build connection routes for you and estimate travel times!


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  4. We hope you enjoy this app and it will work on both i OS and Android phones.

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