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A friend of mine, however, rather goodlooking and french aswell has been on the dating scene for a while.He's what you could say a libertine who is seeking relationships but will never compromise his personal freedom to have other relationships at the same time with anyone, and he's obviously cool with his partners doing the same.

Online they have a weird thing about height (6' only) but I have never noticed that discrimination happening in real life.

Not sure why this seems to only be the case online, maybe I'm just not noticing it in real life.

I don't think irish girls are picky or harder to impress. Also later you said that they dress more, let's say, "liberally" at work with yoga pants etc.

From my own experience in terms of pickyness it'd go Asian girls (dated a chinese girl and a taiwanese girl) --I don't like this one but it is quite stereotypical... I am prude person myself by french standards so I'm all fine with it. I think that it's also visible in the way women dress up to go out and the make up they put on. The fact you go to school in uniform makes you eager to distinguish yourself from the other girls and so you put a unique make-up on and sexy outfits when your teenage years are over, honestly, I don't know. compared to French standards, which sounds like the French are the prudes in that situation. I worked with some Brazilian guys for a while and they said that Brazilian girls find Irish guys too shy and slow, which made me a bit sad lol.

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The rejection is always really brutal as well, far more brutal than in other countries.

Always thought Irish girls were incredibly picky myself.

I found my Irish girl though, and I've been very happy with her for over one year.

I love her irishness and I wouldn't change a thing.

It comes down to the fact that some cultures on the continent are more in the "to be" than "to do" kind of mindset.


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