Is dating a girl with a kid a bad idea

The next know you your having this conversation- “I’ve decided to try and make it work with Jimmy’s dad”.

is dating a girl with a kid a bad idea-51

1) Baby Damage – Birth has a traumatic effect on the female form.

Pregnancy leaves stretch marks, saggy breasts, and c-section scars.

I suggest dealing with women that are readily available to hang out.

7) Double Heart Break – You are with the woman, then everything falls apart.

5) Rent-A-Daddy – Realizing her mistake, realizing that kids (especially boys need fathers,) The woman gets desperate, any and every guy has the potential to be “daddy.” You’re out trying to get some, not inheirit a family.

6) The Kids Are Still Up – This is only a problem if your trying to pursue something other than a booty call.You not only do you have to deal with losing the woman, but you’ve formed a bond with lil’ Jimmy.You and Jimmy play HALO together, watch the Wizards’ hoop it up, go to the zoo, and things dads do with sons or daughters.Either case it isn’t your problem and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.3) Babies Interrupt Sex – I’ve had this happen to me.Wanting to spend time with you, but not wanting to bring strange men around her kids, you find yourself only seeing this female after 10 or 11PM.

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