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However, not every source of chronic stress can be diminished through behavioral change or stress management techniques.

When dealing with prolonged stress, it's essential to seek the assistance of a licensed mental health professional.

Results from an Ohio State University study suggest that "the chronic stress that spouses and children develop while caring for Alzheimer's disease patients may shorten the caregivers' lives by as much as four to eight years." The same study "also provides concrete evidence that the effects of chronic stress can be seen both at the genetic and molecular level in chronic caregivers' bodies." Caregiver syndrome doesn't just affect caregivers for Alzheimer's patients; it can impact those who care for children with special needs, cancer patients, and people with any other chronic condition.

The key to dealing with chronic stress starts with recognizing and changing behaviors and circumstances that lead to the presence of chronic stressors in your life whenever possible and applying stress management strategies that work for you.

When you are enrolled in school, there is pressure to do well - and school becomes a daily focal point of your life no matter what else you are involved in or how old you are.

Great mentions standardized tests, increased homework loads and participation in advanced classes as school-related stressors.

According to Psychology Today, chronic stress associated with divorce is related to a variety of factors, including having to start over, learning to live with less money, coping with changes to social and family relationships, worrying about how your children will be impacted and more.

Academic pressure can also be a chronic stressor, for students of every age and level - from elementary school through college and beyond.

According to the APA, "chronic stress can occur in response to everyday stressors that are ignored or poorly managed, as well as exposure to traumatic events." Dealing with a sudden event that affects many aspects of your life for a long time -such as job loss or discovering marital infidelity- can lead to chronic stress, as can any situation you find stressful that affects you over a period of time.

Examples of chronic sources of stress include: Living with financial struggles can be a significant source of chronic stress according to Laura Choi, research associate with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

However, there is some stress associated with most - if not all - jobs.


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