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The band involved both of Burton's parents in the decision to choose Newsted as the group's new bassist and, in ceremonious fashion, Burton's parents were present during the announcement so they would know who would be carrying on their son's legacy and to "pass Cliff's torch on." Newsted's first live performance with Metallica was at the Country Club in Reseda, California, November 8, 1986.

His studio debut with Metallica was on The .98 E. This was followed by his first studio album with the band, ...

And he would sweat – he would really sweat – and he put a lot into the live show. And I think some of that was because he was trying to compensate for not being heard on the album.

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He is also the founder of the Chophouse Records studio and label based in California. He grew up on a farm and at the age of six was given the responsibility of looking after animals.

He was tasked with looking after hundreds of chickens and rabbits.

His first instrument was a guitar, which he started to play at 9 years old, but he moved to bass at 14, Following Burton's death, the group began a search for a new bassist.

They considered and auditioned over 50 musicians, including Greg Christian of Testament, Gene Gilfen of Blind Illusion, Mel Sanchez of Abbatoir, Mike Jastremski of Heathen, Troy Gregory, Les Claypool, David Ellefson of Megadeth and various others were considered.

Here’s the statement:“I think it had to be extremely bittersweet for him.

Like a dream come true, but, ‘I’m stepping into someone’s shoes who can never be filled.’ It must have been very difficult – for him and for us, it was difficult; it just truly was.And I remember there were times where I’d be playing, and I’d just turn around so he couldn’t see what I was playing so he couldn’t follow me.It’s like, ‘Do whatever you wanna do.’But, obviously, live, he fit right in – he was a great force. And he wasn’t afraid to step up to the mic and bark whenever he felt like it.And so I think there was a bit of that.”You can watch the entire interview from below. Bass guitarist and vocalist for the heavy metal band Metallica, the group known for albums like Kill ‘Em All. Jason was born in 1960s, in the middle of Baby Boomers generation.Newsted was the last in line and ended up winning the part.


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