Joe budden dating

In 2012, the album sold 30, 000 copies whereas, in January 2016, it sold over 200,000 copies in the United States.

In 2014, he released his EP titled ‘Some Love Lost’ which received positive reviews from the critics and a single ‘F’em All’ in July 2015.

Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana has addressed the rapper's tweet suggesting she is keeping him away from their son.

Joe Budden's name has been ringing recently after Nicki Minaj addressed him about previous comments he made suggesting she was on drugs.

He also was highly ranked rapper in the viral best rapper's list which sparked debates.

On Tuesday (Aug 13) Joe Budden took to Twitter and let his fans know how much he is suffering by not seeing his son. With her fans seeing her enlightened advice, one fan in particular wrote "Where were you with this advice two years ago sis?!?!

In 2018, Budden stated that he retired from the rapping and solo artist.

Joe Budden’s partnership with Spotify started on September 12, 2018, for his famous series ‘The Joe Budden Podcast.’ He also posted a video in his Instagram stating that his show would be aired on Spotify from 12 September.

Joe launched his State of the Culture show with Revolt TV on September 10.

His podcast began touring with live performances across the US.

Budden is respected for his immense contributions to any song he’s been working on; his rap style is unique in that he translates real-life issues into sweet musical lyrics.

Joe is an artist many people want to know more about, here’s everything you need to know about his bio, height, girlfriend, wife, son, family and his house.

Currently, he resides in the Verdant block in Edgewater near the George Washington Bridge.


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