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"She comes from the real world, and she has always been able to tap into 'the country class,' " as opposed to the ruling class.

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But the national awe at her marvels of mendacity only distracts from the real Conway story: her extraordinary influence, and the personal and ideological ties that hold it steady through all storms. He and Conway bonded when she joined his campaign and demonstrated a serious knack for all three.

(The two first became friendly years ago, when Conway and her husband lived in one of Trump's buildings in Manhattan.) She has a so-far symbiotic partnership with Bannon, whom she says she's known "a few years." She has a much closer and longer-standing bond with Vice President Mike Pence and is equally tight with the media-shy Mercer family, who've been bankrolling the Trump-Pence agenda since well before the hyphenate "Trump-Pence" existed.

But tonight is about civilian friends, too, some of whom ferried and fed Conway's four kids during the campaign, even as they planned to vote for Clinton.

As they leave their cars with the valet and wander into the house two by two, they seem not the least bit —just a group of folks to whom America has been very, very good.

A twice-divorced former Democrat turned ideologically amorphous New York business tycoon made common cause with the reddest of Republicans.

It was the one deal without which Donald Trump never could have become president.Because his flop sweats at the podium suggest his inner awareness that he knows he's been given an impossible job.Precisely because he knows that so much of what he has to say is bullshit, he's going to say it all the more loudly.…"The world is her spin room, and what she is doing is spinning straw into plutonium," says Bob Garfield, host of WNYC Radio's weekly show .Fair enough, but don't underestimate the substance behind the spin.This is key to understanding the long game that Conway is playing—one that she's been teeing up for the last twenty-odd years.


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