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Despite leaving the courtroom with her reputation intact, Kat's inner life was in turmoil, and it was only due BRAND NEW RELEASE: THE SHOCKING SIXTH PART OF KAT WARD'S SENSATIONAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY!Despite leaving the courtroom with her reputation intact, Kat's inner life was in turmoil, and it was only due to the loyal support and steadfast encouragement of her ever-increasing fan-base that she managed to complete the sixth volume so soon.In the year that also gave us Room and Viva, Mad Mary remains a serious contender for best Irish release of 2016.

No sober realist drama has done a better job of finding such plausible flaws for such convincingly fleshy personalities.

It would be unfair to burden the film with unmanageable praise, but there are a few 19th century Scandinavian playwrights who might envy Thornton and Akram their gifts for moulding personae.

Her desperate search for protection leads her down some dark alleys, and before long she realises the uncomfortable truth: that shelter is a commodity to be bargained for.

And with little more than her dignity to bargain with, it is perhaps not surprising that the arms she ends up in are not all tender and loving.

DISCLAIMER: This book series deals with themes of both child abuse and domestic abuse, and as such reader discretion is advised.

The triumphant first feature from Darren Thornton has the unmistakable shape of a conventional romantic comedy.

The idea of the Absolut DIY event, organised in conjunction with the creative conference Offset, is to let conversation and collaboration flow between self-starting people who have proved their worth doling out advice to those who want to get to where they are.

Ready to listen and talk are Sharon Greene of Queens of Neon, Sinéad Bailey Kelly and Deirdre Young of Hunt & Gather, Kim Willoughby of Damn Fine Print and Róisín Agnew of magazine and of this newspaper.

Mary is a complex, clever, internally convoluted personality whose motivations are beyond economic summary.

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