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The method of torture consists of Farquaad pulling off the Gingerbread Man's legs, dipping them in milk, and having a tasty snack.

Farquaad's guards interrupt, bringing in the Magic Mirror.

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Yesterday, Ain't It Cool News posted some cool new pics from the film that reportedly surfaced at a special effects industry convention in Las Vegas.

Donkey pulls a "Jar Jar Binks," and Shrek suddenly has a new best friend.

Meanwhile, we meet the menacing, 4 foot tall, Lord Farquaad.

The evil lord is engaged in torturing the Gingerbread Man to find out where more of the fairy tale creatures are hiding.

As we previously reported, Shrek is the main character, an ogre voiced by Mike Myers.

John Lithgow voices the evil Lord Farquaad a tyrant who wants to be king of the land of Dulok, and rid the land of all fairy tale creatures.

The lord asks the mirror if he has the most perfect kingdom, to which the mirror retorts that this technically isn't a kingdom because he isn't a king, and that he must marry a princess to become a king.

The mirror then shows him, in dating game style, the top three eligible princesses including Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, who he rejects in favor of Fiona, who is being held in a tower against her will by a ferocious dragon.

Until now, I still believe in fairy tales and the happy ending of prince and princess.


  1. “To me, that’s like an art installation piece of its own.

  2. As long as you abide by the rules, there is no way that you cannot enjoy your stay here.

  3. It does not have a special "nonreligious" status nor an "innocence of youth" status which isolates it from Christian ethics and morals. A serious study of courtship is basically a study of Christian ethics.

  4. Adjust your stance by sticking your ass up and out more, until you find the most comfortable position.

  5. You’re also asked to decide whether physical appearance is important.

  6. Radiometric dating (often called radioactive dating) is a technique used to date materials such as rocks or carbon, usually based on a comparison between the observed abundance of a naturally occurring radioactive isotope and its decay products, using known decay rates.

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