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While the many historical places in Kolkata and its rich cultural fabric makes the inside of the city so lively and vibrant, the nearby areas like the Santragachi Jheel and Gadiara are marked with thick natural cover and total peace.

Both the sides so intrinsically complete each other that as you explore the West Bengal capital, some weekend trips from Kolkata to its nearby areas will give a holistic experience of the entire coastal region.

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There is a lot to adore about the city that we can never fit it in a numbered words.

Go and have a taste of the city for yourself through all the things to do, places to visit, weekend getaways and events in Kolkata.

The Victoria Memorial and Fort William are such exceptional edifices built during the colonial times that you must pay a visit.

Also, the home of the highly revered Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Jorasanko Thakur Bari, is now an enormous museum in Kolkata that preserves the life and works of the poet and attracts tourists from across the country.

As the city is located on the bank of the Hooghly river, there are many great riverside places to visit near Kolkata that complete its coastal experience.

Perhaps the greatest among these are the Sundarbans.

The irresistible and mouth-watering Bengali sweets need no introduction at all, and the West Bengal capital is where all of them come from.

The Roshogullas and Sondesh top the charts of the famous food of Kolkata and are undoubted favorites of every household of the country.

Since it is a coastal city, seafood delicacies and Fish curries are must try and some cafes in Kolkata like the Cafe Ekante Houseboat really stand out for offering a unique dining experience on the waters of the Bay of Bengal.


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