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The web application was made with Django, an open source web application framework, written in Python. The desktop application was written in Flex for Adobe's AIR platform.

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This also means that polytalented Flickr code jock Cal Henderson is probably available. "How did Valleywag miss the girl I was actually there with? fake wife," Pownce community liaison Ariel Waldman, were sharing a precious booth with their entourage at yet another overpacked Seesmic party.

Here, Waldman tries to chat with Laughing Squid founder Scott Beale over the din.

Flickr developer Cal "Don Juan 2.0" Henderson wasn't wearing a sweater, but he did look to be wearing For quippy superstar engineer Cal Henderson, the fellow who has kept Flickr from crashing all these years, attendance at Yahoo's Hack Day developer event was all but mandatory, since he works there.

But what attracted Pownce cofounder Leah Culver, Henderson's ex-girlfriend?

Scene: We were mobbed briefly around the photo booth at 330 Ritch, former gay bathhouse and setting for the public launch of Yahoo's location-based mobile social thing, Fire Eagle.

"Melissa, I want you to meet Cal Henderson," she said, presenting Flickr's head of engineering. Henderson shook my hand and didn't mind at all when I said it was really his longtime companion toss back at you," I added. We've been remiss in informing you of this: Cal Henderson, the eminently scalable Flickr engineer, and Leah Culver, the shrill-voiced cofounder of Pownce, San Francisco's favorite way to share MP3 files while evading copyright cops, broke up some time ago.

she is not dating Cal Henderson: "I need dates — stop ruining my game, yo," she Twitters.

Good, because that would make for some awkward meetings at Pownce, where she spends time as a community manager working with cofounder Leah Culver, a former Henderson paramour.

And sign-toter Frank Chu showed up, uninvited but always welcome.

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