Lesbian friend dating lovers

You obsess over whether or not to tell her, and what might happen to your friendship if you do.Then you finally do tell her, and she has nothing to say back.This probably won’t be one either (just managing expectations! Having fielded years of queer women’s dating advice questions through this job, I can tell you that by far one of the most common questions is a variation on “I’m in love with my best friend; should I tell her?

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It was like our friendship had evaporated over night.

We couldn’t hang out anymore; there were too many feelings involved (at least on my end).

She met an older woman on Instagram, was seduced by her (or they seduced each other), and was catapulted into a crazy series of events that you can watch unfold in our first two seasons. I was just filled with a general “weirdness” that I couldn’t explain.

When Laura told me about this Instagram seduction in real life, my feelings about it were really complicated. We tried to write the weird feelings that I had about her increasingly dramatic life events into our show.

The first time I fell for a girl, it was my best friend in college.

I’m not sure if I fell for her because we were so close, or if I had gotten close to her in the first place because I knew, albeit subconsciously, that I “liked” her. By the time I realized I had feelings for her, we were already BFFs.

For a year, I wallowed in ultimate sadness and tried to be my own best friend—I gave myself advice, ate pizza alone, and even prank called myself. Eventually, college ended and I stopped living next door to the person who was tormenting my soul. There was really nothing to say to each other anymore.

I stopped seeing her everyday, I stopped obsessing over her and I stopped having class with her. It was such a relief to move away from her, and it was horrible at the same time.

Well, if college had never ended, I’d still be living next door to a girl who doesn’t love me back.


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