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Paige, Sam's current flame, was one of Casey's least favorites. ""Just coming back to drop off some books and see if you wanted to go get some lunch. " Derek threw his arms in the air and turned to Casey. Casey's friend John had observed the entire ordeal, and he was highly entertained by the entire situation, as was his partner, Courtney.

She was kind of a bitch, and treated Sam like he was hers. We're starved," Sam answered through the rolled-down passenger window."Actually, we were on our way to The Goat if you want to come with us," Casey offered."Um, that sounds good, Casey," Sam said politely, "but I think we're on our way to JJ's. The two of them had actually invited Casey and Derek to visit them for Christmas; they were planning to go a few days later and celebrate the new year in New York.

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He asks her if she's found what she's looking for, and Casey, lovestruck, tells this new boy Max that she thinks she has.

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They had both been a little nervous, not just because they were stepsiblings—which some people would deem as incredibly weird—but because Sam and Casey dated back in Grade 10, and it's completely against the Bro Code to date a buddy's ex.

He hadn't seemed to mind, though; he just congratulated Derek on a great catch and warned him not to break Casey's heart.

Sam didn't seem to mind, though, and for the sake of their friendship and their living arrangements, she kept her mouth shut."Sammy! Casey and Derek had started dating a few days after that, and although they maintained separate bedrooms, they were very rarely apart.

Sam was surprisingly cool about the whole thing when they told him.

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He also said that he wouldn't mention to anyone about their family situation—again, some people might think it was weird.

Derek and Casey had been—and still are—grateful for his discretion and understanding.

Casey let he mind go blank as she fell deeper into Derek's kisses."Hey, you two, get a room! Slightly flustered, Derek and Casey looked up and the catcaller. "I can help you in the protein department, Case,""Ew, gross, Derek! Sam joined in Derek's laughter as Paige made a face. "Derek and Casey looked at each other, mirroring the other's deer-in-headlights expression. How could we have forgotten about our family and Christmas? Sam's right, he can barely move in the apartment because we're everywhere. Even though Casey's scholarship covered room and board, George and Nora had eventually concluded that it would be good for Derek and Casey to stick with each other at university, at least during their first year.


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