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After graduation, Lisa Bloom got chances to work in cities such as New York & California.

Her hard work and passion towards her job made her famous as a fighter for victims rights.

She had to work her way up to land this reality show which, were it given a chance to continue, could act as a springboard for business opportunities.

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"They’ve created this niche and they’re brilliant entrepreneurs, but they have extraordinary power at [E!

], because they have this very successful show and several spinoffs, and the allegations are they used that power to crush Chyna."And, despite the fact that she says the network was already promoting season 2 with a focus on co-parenting and the conflict between Chyna and Rob, Chyna's rep was later told "the show was killed because the Kardashians didn't want it."In general, Bloom and Chyna claim that the Kardashians worked to discredit her by mentioning her past as a stripper, and when Bloom wrote this case, she wanted the slut-shaming to be "front and center" to highlight this injustice."It's offensive and damaging," she said, and it's unfair towards Chyna, who wasn't born into wealth or with any clout of her own.

Bloom has also worked on TV for various news channels including, MSMBC, HLN, NBC, CNN & CBS. In 2017, Bloom represented three women who accused then-Fox News anchor Bill OReilly of sexual harassment.

Bloom came to the media attention following allegations of continuous sexual harassment by film mogul, Harvey Weinstein. The name of her first husband is still unknown, as she has not revealed any information about him. Bloom married her boyfriend Braden Pollock, a financier in 2014.

She was encouraged by her family to make her career in the field of law.

Bloom completed her primary education from the California, LA.

She resigned as an adviser to Weinstein on October 7, 2017, after facing criticism for defending him. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a foster son.

Bloom has two beautiful children from her previous marriage, a daughter Sarah Bloom & a son Sam Bloom.

exulted in his conviction last year on three sex crimes in Pennsylvania (involving a different accuser). " data-reactid="19"Dickinson, 64, among the most angry and passionately outspoken of Cosby's accusers, called the imprisoned former TV icon the "monster of the century of the world," and exulted in his conviction last year on three sex crimes in Pennsylvania (involving a different accuser).

"Jail is where he belongs, there are not enough years left for him to pay for what he has done to so many, many women," Dickinson said.

Bloom is a brave lady and & interests in adventurous activities.


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