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1909 Petrol engine introduced to the company's product range. The locos were often characterised by a total lack of bodywork; sometimes they had the luxury of an all-over roof supported by four corner posts.

1927 The directors invited a group of workers, elected by everyone employed by the company, to sit with them at their meeting every month in order that a closer link could be made between workers and directors. 1929 The first of Lister's own design of "CS" (cold start) diesel engine was made in Dursley.

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Retailing revenues were particularly healthy in Australia and New Zealand, where sheep-shearing equipment was in great demand.

In 1929, Sir Robert died at the age of 84, and in the same year the first of Lister's own design of "CS" (cold start) diesel engine was made.

The CS is a slow running (600 rpm), reliable engine, suitable for driving electric generators or irrigation pumps. Production of these engines in England ended in 1987 but a number of Indian manufacturers have since continued production of "Listeroids" or clones copied from the CS design. Subsidiary factories set up in Nympsfield, Wotton-under-Edge and Cinderford to manufacture components.

These engines are used in India and also exported to other countries, including Australia and the USA. 1931 Joint venture Ruston-Lister Marine Co established with Ruston and Hornsby to focus on the maritime market (liquidated 1935). Floodlighted Revolving Globe, showing where Lister Auto-Trucks are used in both hemispheres, mounted on revolving base illustrated with photographs of auto-Trucks and extracts in various languages for advertisements. 1961 Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, including petrol engines, diesel oil engines, diesel marine propulsion and auxiliary engines, electric generating sets, pumps and pumping sets, diesel and petrol driven autotrucks, multi-level loaders, cream separators, milk coolers, butter churns, sheep shearing machines, horse and cattle clippers, farm elevators, self lifting tractor rakes, combine hay makers, side delivery rakes, swathe turners, fertiliser broadcasters, harrows, insecticidal fog applicators, woodcraft and teak wood garden furniture.

By 1936 Lister was producing 600 engines across a range of 80 different sizes and types of diesel and petrol models, most of which were small at around 1.5 to 3 hp.

These could be bought stand alone (many were used in the construction industry), or powering a complementary range of pumps, churns, cream separators, autotrucks, generating plant and sheep shearing equipment.

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His father (George Lister) had moved to Dursley from Yorkshire in 1817; soon afterwards, George had established a business involved in tanning, card-making and wire-drawing. and abroad over the next 15 years despite the up and downs of the farming market. Pedersen, a Danish engineer, invented a novel cream separator. 1905 Took over the Dursley Pedersen Cycle Company after a slump in its sales; redesigned the gear mechanism; resumed production of cycles. Hill Mawdsley took over Lister Electrical Machinery Co, which became Mawdsleys. Used for a variety of purposes including electricity generation and powering the new sheep-shearing machinery. 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Paraffin Commercial and Agricultural Motors, Tractors, Ploughs, Sprayers, etc. WW1: manufactured petrol engines, lighting sets and munitions components. 1920 At the Darlington Royal Agricultural Show they had a range of petrol engines from 2 to 5 hp applied to lighting sets, totary pumps and milking machines.


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