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So perhaps these steps should have been coordinated, but that’s the decision of Vilnius,” he added.Inga Romanovskiene, manager of Go Vilnius, also agreed that the Papal visit is “a very important event,” but that the reason for using the students’ design for the ad is because Vilnius faces stiff competition for tourism from other European cities.

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The dispute mirrors similar disputes across Central and Eastern Europe, where nations that lost their independence to the Soviet Union are today celebrating those who fought the Soviets as they assert their renewed national sovereignty.

In some cases, those national freedom fighters had aligned with Nazi Germany against the Soviets during the war, thus becoming complicit in the destruction of Jewish communities.

The result is what Jewish scholars and communities see as a form of Holocaust revisionism.

A police spokesman, Ramunas Matonis, told the AP that no investigation has been opened into the threats because police have not received any formal request from the Jewish community.

My name is Kristina, originally from Lithuania, moved to Michigan (played varsity volleyball for University of Michigan), live in Arizona now, but travel to Michigan once in a while.

Worked with a few agencies in Michigan (did commercials, runway shows, print and promotions - resume available upon request).I'm studying full time at ASU and will be getting my BA in theater this fall.I am primarily doing acting, directing and producing.Both wartime figures are controversial, praised by some as national heroes but condemned by others as possible collaborators with Nazi occupiers.A right-wing rally is scheduled later in Vilnius on Wednesday to protest the municipality's moves.The timing of the Go Vilnius tourism agency’s attempt to make the ad go viral, just ahead of the Papal visit, also drew ire from the Catholic Church.

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