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“If you want to be less intimidating, take practical steps that rework your image in another way using things like body language, emails, less curtness in interactions etc.” One strategy you can try is to take a little more time with each workplace interaction than you normally would.

“You don’t need to be a sap,” says Popp, “but you can take a moment to listen and think about how your behaviour affects others and how you are being perceived.” She warns “not to swing too far the other way,” though, because it could seem disingenuous if you’re suddenly interested in every little detail of people’s lives if you weren’t before.

Sometimes, assertiveness can go too far and can make people feel afraid to state their opinion and contradict you.

A healthy environment of debate is essential to a productive and innovative business environment, so there’s really no room for intimidation in the workplace.

All of business is about building the best, most impactful relationships you can.

It’s hard to do so if people are intimidated or scared of you.” , says you should take the time to “build the brand you want” for yourself, or craft the way you want others see you.“This is about having more informal bonds and allowing them to see a different side of you.” The more personable you are with others, the harder it is for them to be nervous around you. Colene recommends being clear that you don’t intend to be intimidating, signaling that you’re open to working on the problem, and actively requesting more information.“Get to know them on a more personal level and that fear will start to go away. Ask questions like: “Was it what I said, or how I said it? ” Colene notes that you need to “be really open and set goals to make specific behavioral changes.Apparently it wasn’t just Lars Klevberg’s physical presence that was a bit scary – as the filmmaker stands at nearly six-and-a-half feet tall – but that he also had a super intense job before pivoting his life and directing his first big Hollywood feature.Plaza explained, One thing you should know about Lars Klevberg is that he was a sergeant in the Norwegian army for six years.He was so much fun to work with, and you trust his vision.


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