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i cry at night sometimes cause i fear for my life, since people seem to see what i look like, im very scared," wrote a 20-year-old who asked that his picture be taken off the site."I want to write and apologize for what I have done.

I am someone with a problem and (am) finding help for it.

Increasingly, local police are relying on citizens to help them patrol the seedy underbelly of the Internet.

But police volunteers undergo extensive background checks and training on how to chat in a way that will build a criminal case against would-be pedophiles.

Law enforcement officials and seasoned activists who work as decoys in Internet pedophilia investigations have also denounced the group's methods."The biggest difference between them and us is that we are governed by entrapment laws," said Sgt.

Nick Battaglia, who heads the police department's child exploitation unit in San Jose, California.

(Fencepost did not respond to interview requests for this article.)The men snared by the group are given a chance to explain their actions in "right of reply" letters, which are posted on the site.

Most contend they have learned their lesson and beg the site to take down their phone numbers so people will stop harassing them."People pm me all the time and tell me that they are going to find me and hurt me, threaten to kill me, and etc....He said there have been similar cases where the information collected by his volunteers has been the sole evidence in a court case, but that the group doesn't publicize these victories."As we grow and a legal precedent is continued to be set in our favor, you will see countless prosecutions," said von Erck. Photos by Stephanie Yao Long | The Oregonian/Oregon Live By Michael Russell | The Oregonian, Oregon From fine-dining to food carts, the word that best describes this turbulent year for Portland restaurants is "access." Access is what propelled Portland chefs to open carts or start pop-ups in parking lots, back rooms and beer bars to present their unique vision for modern Mexican cuisine, cured Nordic fish or Indonesian barbecue.I have told my family about this and now I living with a friend of mine.I have been kicked out of my house indifenitely," wrote a married Arizona man.Battaglia's undercover operatives arrested 27 men in 2003 who arranged to meet police decoys posing as children, a misdemeanor that carries a three-year prison sentence in California and requires those convicted to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.


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