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Performers get commissions (a configurable ratio of amount spent by clients) into their site wallets.HTML5 Videochat Interface Chat Modes Multiple Performer Shows Solution allows performers to broadcast group or private live pay per view (PPV) shows incorporating video, audio, and chat.

There is a premium plugin for Tera Wallet (Woo Wallet) Withdrawal (developed by Tera Wallet providers) that can be used on some projects per their Withdrawal documentation to withdraw with Paypal, Stripe, Bank.

After licensing original solution our developers can also implement custom tools for payouts, depending on requirements or implementation of different credit management and purchase plugin.

2 Way is available on certain interfaces where a limited number of users can also start webcam for performer to see them.

Voyeur mode is for clients to watch live video secretly, without participating in chat room.

Clients spend credits (tokens) in pay per minute private shows or by sending tips to performers or to buy various items.

Performers receive amounts of credits in their site wallet depending on backend settings (can receive 100% or lower commissions).

Pay per View capabilities include features to pay for video chat (per minute, per webcam room access, per certain features or access mode), pay for items (videos, pictures, online store), pay for membership (that enables access to webcam rooms, videos, pictures) and other paid content/service options.

Users can register on site as different roles (customizable): performers (provide the paid services/content), clients (want the performer items), studios (manage multiple performers).

Users can spend credits (tokens) in multiple ways: My Cred and Woo Wallet are 3rd party billing plugins that have own providers, developers, premium extensions and support and can be used as necessary.

Webmaster can see balance for all users and adjust as necessary (in example when making payouts to performers manually with a method of choice).

Admins can define multiple custom room modes (ex: free, paid, special) with different cost per minute and enable special user modes (2 Way mode, Voyeur mode).

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