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I had good experiences but last week I was staying in this hotel in Cancun. Look very old, room was not clean, air conditioned noisy. Had no amenities (like bar soap or shampoo) and the room was far from clean, the shower had the previous guests soapy scum in the soap dish in a pool of water.

They cancelled my reservation and then the lies began.... When I showed up, I was told my reservation had been cancelled because I didn't show up before 6 p.m.

My stay at your Hotel was very nice, and I will recommend City Express to all my friends.

The room service was great and the breakfast was quite good.

The beds are great for couples but were a bit soft.

The pool was seriously over-chlorinated, but I guess that's better than the alternative. Did not want to waste to much time calling around other hotels.

We messed around in the pool until we tired ourselves out sufficiently, then hit the sack and got the hell outta there at first light. Cost was about $70.00 US after peso conversation, which I thought was definitely not worth the price for this small dingy room. As we entered , we got a very strong stale musty odor from the room.

I really wish guest would clean up after breakfast as some eat and just get up leaving their plates, mess behind.

They know it's crowded but after eating they sit and talk while others need the tables. Your staff did a remarkable job quickly cleaning up to accommodate others. Old and Not very clean I used to visit this hotel branch. Had NO HOT WATER, front desk did not seem concerned....The bathroom consisted of a basic show with a stained shower curtain an average toilet and sink.The bed was covered with two thin sheets, two single sized pillows ( for a queen bed ) No blanket to cover if it got cold in the night, and it did.Or perhaps that we would not notice since we would only be there two nights??" Disgusting" They took away the wet towels that you step on to dry off after your shower and they never replaced them.On the bright side , the hotel staff were very nice and courteous. Fresh fruits, yogurt, Mexican style scrambled eggs, etc etc 3rd time at this Terrible place The rooms never seem to be cleaned. I got ready early in the morning and two times when I've tried to eat something the buffet wasn't finished (am).


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